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Don MacMillan wrote:

> From: "Norm Rosen" <inorm99@earthlink.net>
> > Either way, it's another bonehead programming move in the same file as
> > dumping Rona at night, and censoring of the mentioning of any other
> > radio in conversations.
> How is it a "bonehead move" not to give publicity/promotion to your
> competition?
> DM


It is never a bonehead move not to give publicity to the competition, but
from what

I've heard, WTKK will censor mentioning of any call letters whether
present, or defunct,

local, or halfway across the globe, and they will do it in a conspicuous
and sloppy way

that it is distracting.

I'm picturing Board Ops, jumping over people, chairs and tables to do this
with the

livelihoods flashing before their eyes in order to pot  the mere mentioning
of call-letters.