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Re: WKOX apparently sold to AMFM

Isn't AMFM part of Clear Channel now with Kiss 108, Jamn 94.5 and WXKS-1430
as their stations in Boston?

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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> According to today's FCC applications report, Fairbanks
> has filed to transfer WKOX to a company or trust with
> Capstar in its name. Since Capstar is one of the
> companies that became part of AMFM, this would seem to
> mean that AMFM is buying WKOX. I think it's likely to
> also mean that WKOX will become the local Fox Sports
> outlet. AMFM has two sports-talk stations in the LA
> market(KXTA and KLAC). Of these, KXTA is programmed
> locally or semi-locally--part of the programming may
> originate at XETRA Tijuana (San Diego). KLAC is the Fox
> sports outlet for LA. So if my speculation is correct,
> Boston will soon have three sports-talk stations (WEEI,
> WNRB, and WKOX).
> Now, what will happen with WKOX's long-delayed power
> increase and move to the WUNR site in Newton?
> Supposedly, that move has run into more hassles,
> including the refusal of WUNR's owner to allow WKOX (and
> WRCA) to use the WUNR site. The easiest move for WKOX
> would be to increase to 50 kW-D DA from the current
> Framingham site and continue operating nights with 1 kW
> DA from the same site. In fact, WKOX has such an
> application on file. WKOX could also try to move its
> night operation to the WBPS site. The towers there are a
> bit too tall for 1200 kHz, but perhaps the unusual
> ground system (240 radials per tower almost 1/2
> wavelength long at 1200) would overcome the usual
> problems with towers taller than 5/8 wavelength
> (excessive interference between the station's skywave
> and its own groundwave).
> Now, when does ABC buy One on One (or as it may already
> be known, the Sporting News Radio Network) and its three
> radio stations (one of which is WNRB)? Billionaire Paul
> Allen who owns the Sporting News, the Sporting News
> Network, the three stations (plus at least one AM/FM
> combo in Portland OR), the Portland Trailblazers, and
> the Seattle Seahawks, clearly doesn't need whatever
> money the Mouse might pay him for his radio properties.