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WKOX apparently sold to AMFM

According to today's FCC applications report, Fairbanks 
has filed to transfer WKOX to a company or trust with 
Capstar in its name. Since Capstar is one of the 
companies that became part of AMFM, this would seem to 
mean that AMFM is buying WKOX. I think it's likely to 
also mean that WKOX will become the local Fox Sports 
outlet. AMFM has two sports-talk stations in the LA 
market(KXTA and KLAC). Of these, KXTA is programmed 
locally or semi-locally--part of the programming may 
originate at XETRA Tijuana (San Diego). KLAC is the Fox 
sports outlet for LA. So if my speculation is correct, 
Boston will soon have three sports-talk stations (WEEI, 
WNRB, and WKOX).

Now, what will happen with WKOX's long-delayed power 
increase and move to the WUNR site in Newton? 
Supposedly, that move has run into more hassles, 
including the refusal of WUNR's owner to allow WKOX (and 
WRCA) to use the WUNR site. The easiest move for WKOX 
would be to increase to 50 kW-D DA from the current 
Framingham site and continue operating nights with 1 kW 
DA from the same site. In fact, WKOX has such an 
application on file. WKOX could also try to move its 
night operation to the WBPS site. The towers there are a 
bit too tall for 1200 kHz, but perhaps the unusual 
ground system (240 radials per tower almost 1/2 
wavelength long at 1200) would overcome the usual 
problems with towers taller than 5/8 wavelength 
(excessive interference between the station's skywave 
and its own groundwave).

Now, when does ABC buy One on One (or as it may already 
be known, the Sporting News Radio Network) and its three 
radio stations (one of which is WNRB)? Billionaire Paul 
Allen who owns the Sporting News, the Sporting News 
Network, the three stations (plus at least one AM/FM 
combo in Portland OR), the Portland Trailblazers, and 
the Seattle Seahawks, clearly doesn't need whatever 
money the Mouse might pay him for his radio properties.