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In a message dated 1/10/01 10:49:47 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
kc1ih@mediaone.net writes:

<< What surprised me was the apparent lack of Canadian content.  During 
 the whole time I only heard one song I could identify as Canadian, it 
 was Holly Cole's unique version (with her trio) of "I can see clearly 
 now".  >>

Yes, I wondered that too.  On Canadian top 40 or oldies stations, there's 
always that every 10th song which no one here has ever heard before.
Re:  "AM-740",  it was disappointing to hear just a hard-drive after 7 PM.  
One would think that there would be real bodies there, even overnight.  
-especially considering that its a 50-k-clear in a metro area of about 5 
million people.   Yikes!
And the jungles....  arrrrrgh.   -  The music's pretty interesting though, 
and needed on a 50-k-clear.