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Well, last night, about 10:00, WJIB and CHWO were duking it out about even
at my QTH, but that seemed to be about as strong as CHWO got and I did not
experiment to see if I could null--or nearly null--either station by turning
the radio. When CHWO faded down, WJIB's was definitely the stronger signal.
The music on CHWO was certainly something that Bob might have played and
undoubtedly does play from time to time--it sounded like an excerpt from the
original cast recording of The King and I--Getting to Know You. (What's the
actress' name--Carole  Lawrence?)

Obviously CHWO's signal is no stronger and no weaker than CBL's was; CHWO
transmits from the former CBL (and still CJBC) site in Hornby using the same
power, same antenna, and almost certainly the same TX that CBL used. But the
rumor is that CHWO is using much more aggressive audio processing than CBL
used. My limited listening neither confirms nor refutes the claim of more
aggressive processing, but from what I was told about CBL's audio, there are
probably few commercial AM operators who would use as little compression as
CBL did.

BTW, it may just be the orientation of my radio, but I also picked up CJBC
several times last night despite its being only 10 kHz north of WEEI. WEEI
was, of course, splattering over CJBC, but if my French were better (a _lot_
better), I could have understood what I heard with no problems. Perhaps my
radio is turned to nearly null WEEI, because CJBC has never been very
noticeable as I tune past WEEI. As I said, I did not try rotating the radio.
However, since Needham and 439 Concord Ave Cambridge are roughly 90 degrees
apart for me, if I have WEEI approximately nulled, I am getting about the
best possible signal from WJIB.


Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@worldnet.att.net
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It was nice of Bob to shut down WJIB for the occasion.  Unfortunately,
when I listened last night, I couldn't hear the Toronto station or much of
anything at 740.  So I turned to WPTR which was unusually strong, sounding
like a local.