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Re: Another dotcom meltdown?

Well, looks like one of them -- StreamAudio -- is trying to generate
some real revenue by charging stations $400 a month. Maybe if all 
the bankrupt streaming and web hosting companies stuck to some kind of a working
business plan right from the start instead of trying
to give away to the store to every radio station under the sun,
they'd still be in operation today....


--- Howard Glazer <hmglaz@webtv.net> wrote:
> Looks like the Greater Media group may lose its Internet voice shortly.
> Found this on the WBOS Web site:
> Dear Internet Listener: 
> Lately, the print and electronic press have been filled with reports of
> dot-com failures and closures. Businesses that stream radio signals over
> the 'Net have not been immune, and we have been advised that the company
> that provides streaming for WBOS may cease operations within the very
> near future. 
> Because of the financial uncertainty surrounding Internet streaming, we
> do not yet know when, or if, we will resume streaming of WBOS if our
> current provider does in fact cease to operate. We will do our best to
> keep you updated. 
> We value your opinion, and want to hear from you if you have comments or
> suggestions about Internet streaming of WBOS. Please write to us at
> wbosonline@aol.com. 
> Howard

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