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Doctor Dementia

I am aware that the somewhat humorless overseers of the
Boston Radio Interest Group website don't like 
submitters quoting other sources, but this item in 
the Weekender section of Friday's Wall Street Journal
was so amusing AND SHORT, I thought it would be ok
just once:
   "NO ACCOUNTING FOR TASTE; Parents have long 
   wondered about their children's taste in music.
   But now Reuters reports that scientists at the
   National Center for Research and Care of 
   Alzheimer's Disease in Brescia, Italy found that
   people suffering from dementia sometimes develop
   a new fondness for pop music.  In the journal 
   Neurology, researchers report two such cases, 
   including a 68-year-old lawyer (presumambly NOT
   J. Ross Esq) who had hitherto preferred classical
   music but developed a preference for Italian pop 
   music at high volumes.  The other was a 73-year-old
   homemaker who suddenly found she shared her 11-year-
   old granddaughter's musical interests, saying pop
   artists had 'beautiful voices and played good music
   with nice rhythms'."
This means that some day, in some ratings book, WXKS-
FM could skew older than WXKS-AM.

Laurence Glavin

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