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No Subject

I was also pleased to hear New Years Eve from Vienna, from WGBH Boston,
presumably taped, on NewYears Day Monday. from 11am-1PM.  A very
pleasant "peppy" light classical show. So, I will complement MPR for
these choices.

But MPR has  gotta dump the Connection and Talk of the Nation. I have
never seen such a constant stream of negative letters to the Bangor
Daily News as I have seen over the past month concerning MPR's
changes...Personally, I am glad they dropped the Metropolitan Opera,
BUT, obviously they are angering a lot of the Bangor and
northern/down-east Maine long-time listeners
and $upporters.  Dumb move on MPR's part.
And what's with those Satellite Sisters on Sunday ???

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine