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Re: Public Radio New Year's Eve

My station, WMWM (Salem State) had our jazz director,
David Biggs,  doing a nine-hour marathon (3 pm to
midnight) of jazz, world beat, soul, bluesy stuff, and
everything from Top Ten of Year lists to brief
tributes to those who passed away this year.

David came on right after me (I'm on Sun. 12-3 pm)
and he told me "I had nothing better to do on
New Year's Eve and figured people would want something
to listen to while they were on the way to their
celebrations, or maybe they want background
music or something". (I am listening to it now via
tape and will shortly mail the tapes to a friend in

So that was a kind of special show. On my own show,
I played Guy Lombardo's traditional "Auld Lang Syne",
a bit of last year's Beverly First Night celebration,
and-- get this-- the theme from a certain 1968 movie
played on the kazoo. Yes, WMWM has the rare 4- song
EP (Rhino Records, 1970s) by the Temple City Kazoo
Orchestra, and it features "2001 Spake Zarathustra",
a version of the "2001" theme played by a bunch of
guys on kazoos!

Wonder if WBUR had the traditional Capitol Steps
New Year's special? On New Year's Eve 1999, they
ran that just before midnight.

--- Larry Weil <kc1ih@mediaone.net> wrote:
> I did some listening around the 88-92 band just
> before midnight on 
> New Years Eve, while driving home from work.   

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