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Re: voice-tracking is the symptom, but it's not the disease

On 27 Dec 2000,  Dan Strassberg wrote:

> This is one area where I agree with a lot--though not all--of what you say,
> Mike. Beginning in 1972, John Garabedian's little WGTR 1060 in Natick was
> voice-tracked in most dayparts--often including AM drive. Yes there were
> occasional screwups, but the sound and feel were live, and the little
> suburban daytimer with an air staff of only four or five, was able to sound
> competitive with the Boston powerhouses of the day. 

Then again, WJIB often sounds live when it's running on Bob's dual-VCR 
setup.  Then again, sometimes there's 20-minutes of dead air before the 
next tape starts.

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