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Re: Christmas music

Yes...but thank goodness for the Carpenters...most of their cuts on their
Holiday CD are between 4 and 8 minutes long...bathroom break and a cup of
coffee to boot!

Marc Lemay

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> Yep, I'm just waking up after getting home about 1:00a.m. after working a
> p.m. - midnight shift playing Christmas Music all that time(except for 1
> of A Christmas Carol).  That is usually the hardest shift to do all year,
> length wise but filler wise as there are not spots, just dropins for he
> companies that sponser music so its constantly changing cds, looking at
> to play next, making sure you got the right sponsor sheet.....and there
> many Christmas songs over 3:30 - very quick bathroom breaks!!!! - but I
> Christmas off and all the staff got to enjoy Christmas Eve off.