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Re: Christmas music

In a message dated 12/24/00 8:32:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
mmkc@mediaone.net writes:

<< While I'm no longer "in" the broadcast biz, I remember (almost fondly) 
 the person spending my holidays at WHTB spinning 6 hour rotations of
 christmas music at a time...which would usually start Christmas Eve (I'd
 work it) then it would go through Christmas Day until about 6 PM...I'd at
 least have the 12N-6 P shift there, and then possibly stick around to spin
 oldies until Mid...a total of 18 hours. >>

Yep, I'm just waking up after getting home about 1:00a.m. after working a 1 
p.m. - midnight shift playing Christmas Music all that time(except for 1 hour 
of A Christmas Carol).  That is usually the hardest shift to do all year, not 
length wise but filler wise as there are not spots, just dropins for he 
companies that sponser music so its constantly changing cds, looking at what 
to play next, making sure you got the right sponsor sheet.....and there ain't 
many Christmas songs over 3:30 - very quick bathroom breaks!!!! - but I got 
Christmas off and all the staff got to enjoy Christmas Eve off.  

Merry Christmas to all,
Gary Ford
Mix 94.1 WFTN-FM