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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 12/11: Adios, WHUB!

On Dec 11, 2000, Scott Fybush wrote:

>Clear Channel won a red-flagging from the FCC this week when it
>announced plans to add three more stations to its Utica group.  For a
>reported $2.15 million, the Clear Channel folks are picking up three
>of Kenneth Roser's stations: dance simulcast "Wow FM" (WOWZ 97.9
>Whitesboro and WOWB 105.5 Little Falls) and "Bug Country" WLFH 1230
>Little Falls.

OK, now for a stupid question.  What the heck does an FCC red flag mean?  I 
mean, I've heard of this occurence happening a number of times in the recent 
past, and absolutely nothing ever occured but the stations being transferred 
to the new owner.  IF this is the case, why do they even bother red flagging 
sales like this?

>*Our VERMONT report begins with a mystery: a filing in the FCC's Daily
>Digest on Friday that appears to transfer Rutland's WJJR (98.1) from
>Albany Broadcasting to Christian Ministries.

Albany Broadcasting owns WJJR?  When did this happen?

                                      Matt Osborne
                                      Rochester, NY
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