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Re: CBS-TV stumbles, breaks both legs, and is run over by a bus (WAS Re: SupremeCourt decision)

>         Sad to watch, I would say. I was flipping between the three
> networks, CNN, Fox news and MSNBC, and CBS was pitiful.
>         Meanwhile, on CBS, Rather looked "small,"...

Hmmm..."small"?   LOL

I would say that CBS looked "old".  Dan's folksy midwest style and Bob
sheiffer looked like a couple of my old uncles gabbing....  Dan is starting
to look more and more like my father.

MSNBC was good.  Brian Williams has never made an embarassing gaff yet.
And Tim Russert is the best!  Andrea Mitchell is kewl too.

On MSNBC you get some youth and vigor....and the talents/expertise of NBC
news staff.

>         Is anyone else old enough to remember when CBS was the best? :)

<raises hand!>