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Re: Canadian broadcast laws...

>Scott Fybush wrote:
>They do, but it's much looser up there...in some ways.  It's much more
>common to hear the "f" word and its ilk on Canadian radio and TV;
>What's not permissible up there is hate talk, which is part of what got
>Stern kicked off the radio in Montreal and off TV in Toronto.

        The Canadians are indeed much more interersted in regulating racial
hate speech and such than obscenities. I recall a couple years ago, around
10 or 11 p.m., hearing a Snoop Doggy Dog song with many obscenities in it
(needless to say) on CJBC/860, the CBC French station in Toronto. It's
great to see Canadians helping to spread the finest in American cultural
achievements :))


 Have you patronized the skywave signal of a AM Class A station today?