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Re: Univision buys Hub 66 and other USAB stations...

--- Sven Franklyn Weil <sven@gordsven.com> wrote:
> Our USAB channel would have been on UHF 68.  I sort of figured Univision
> was going to put Galavision on b'cast TV when I heard this.

You might end up with three Univision o+o stations in Metro New York
after it's all over -- WHSI/UHF 67 in Smithtown(in Suffolk County),
WHSE/UHF 68 in Newark and WXTV/UHF 41 in Seacacus. I wouldn't
be surpsised to see if UHF 67 or UHF 68 becomes Entravision's
o+o to keep the FCC happy...


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