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Re: Hot 97 blames Verizon for outages

As a tarriffed line doesn't their T-1 come with certain service 
commitments?  Did Verizon meet these?

At 07:34 AM 12/6/00 -0500, Keith Berman wrote:
>...WBOT said that they were off the air for 14 hours last
>Wednesday because of problems with Verizon.  Apparently, their T1 line
>between the studio and transmitter has been cutting out frequently,
>resulting in "frequent gaps in the signal [that] break up the transmission
>for one or two seconds up to four or five times a day."
>The station wants to use an ISDN line for a backup, which they said should
>have been operational on Monday but wasn't.
>..."If this had been WBZ, it wouldn't have taken 14 hours to fix.  ...

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