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Re: WSMN 1590 Nashua NH caves in

Hello All:

I don't think WSMN is in any danger of losing its site....    WARV (in R.I.) 
likely could not upgrade with 1590 gone or modified, as 1600-Brookline is in 
the way....   And WDER is not owned by Blount but rather a Greek fellow who 
has had it for at least 10 years.  -  NH doesn't necessarily take to radio 
evangelists, so therefore WDER-1320 has the market all wrapped up.   I doubt 
that a competitor could survive.   Besides, the thrust of WSMN's 1590 signal 
is aimed almost right at Derry (WDER).

In a message dated 11/30/00 6:47:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
dan.strassberg@att.net writes:

<< f WSMN were to lose its TX site, the biggest problems 
 with trying to operate ND from the WMVU site would come 
 from WUNR and WARV. With their current patterns, I 
 s >>