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Re: WSMN 1590 Nashua NH caves in

I don't think O'Brien has any chance of making money 
with a business-talk format in Nashua. Ever heard his 
show on WBNW? He sure isn't a radio pro, although he 
does seem to have a following among the day traders. And 
maybe he got out of the stock market while the getting 
was good, so maybe he can run the radio station as a 
hobby and lose a bundle on it without being too 

I'd think, though, that the most natural buyer for WSMN 
has to be Blount, who owns WVNE and the 1590 station in 
Rhode Island (WARV, I think). As far as I know, the only 
Christian station in southern NH is 1320 in Derry, which 
Blount also owns. I don't think 1320 puts much of a 
signal into Nashua--Manchester, yes; Nashua no.

If WSMN were to lose its TX site, the biggest problems 
with trying to operate ND from the WMVU site would come 
from WUNR and WARV. With their current patterns, I 
suspect that both of those stations would severely limit 
the daytime power that WSMN could get unless it could 
find another site for a directional operation south or 
southwest of Nashua. Finding a suitable site sounds 
difficult; land in that area cannot be cheap right now.

But if WSMN and WARV were commonly owned, and WSMN lost 
its TX site, maybe some adjustments could be made to 
WARV's operation that would permit WSMN to operate ND 
with enough daytime power to be economically viable 
running a Christian format.

> I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.  Pretty ambitious
> undertaking for a station with little or no ad revenue.  Even WGIR, with
> the deep pockets of Clear Channel behind them is mostly satellite.