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Re: It was a no-brainer for NBC, actually

I think maybe they figured most people have cable and
they could watch the announcement (and analysis) on
CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, or Fox News. The actual announcement
was not that long and NBC (or other networks) could
have just carried it and then gone back to the movie.

When the announcement came, Fox News Channel and the
regular Fox Network aired it as a bulletin and then
the newscaster said "tune to Fox News for analysis".
(Sort of like what was happening with some baseball
playoffs-- the game on Fox would end and they would
say "tune to Fox Sports Net for more".)

By the way, I never saw "Titanic" but I am guessing
I know how it ends... the boat sinks, right? :)

--- Gary <gff@mediaone.net> wrote:
> I noticed when Channel 7 (WHDH-TV) broke in and
> covered the certification
> that they were picking up an MSNBC feed (the "bug"
> in the lower left corner
> of the screen gave it away).  

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