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Bush speech

Just to let folks know that the speech was covered along with
surprisingly good even-handed commentary from National Public Radio.

Maine Public Radio just concluded an hour-long special newscast of the
speech and on-the-scene reports from Tallahassee and Wash DC. I presume
WBUR, NHPR and other major Public Radio stations followed suit.

With MPR's controversial upcoming programming revamps and a stinging
editorial condemning the changes in yesterday's Bangor Daily News; it
will be interesting to see if anybody notes or appreciates MPR's
handling of breaking news events. MPR's dropping of  the Metropolitan
Opera and lots of Classical Music sure seems to have riled a lot of

And. not surprisingly, WLBZ2 Bangor seemed to follow in the footsteps of
it's big brother WCSH Portland with a delayed re-hash of the speech...

But, you really don't think I'm sitting here watching Titanic do you?

Rod O'Connor
 Southwest Harbor, Maine