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Re: well it's the thought that counts

> Mike wrote:
> >Mel may have his hands tied with WNEW-FM.  I've heard that he wants to 
> >move Stern
> >over to 102.7, but Stern won't go.  In addition, Howard is flexing his 
> >muscle and
> >not allowing Opie and Anthony, the only bright spot on the station, to move to
> >mornings.  Stern still does not have a contract largely because Mel wants 
> >him to
> >move to NEW-FM.

This could be simply a negotiation
ploy by Stern to extract more money out of
Mel as part of his new deal which will put
him on 102.7FM after New Year's. With an exception of Opie+Anthony,
their weekday line-up is very low-rated. After just 10
months on the air, one of their morning guys(Sports Guys),
Scott Kaplan, just got sacked this week because they don't have
any numbers to show for. The other sidekick -- Sid Rosenberg(no relation to
the Jerky Boys character :) -- is reportedly on his way out the door as
well. Leslie Gold(The Radio Chick) is horrible. The weekend line-up
is nothing more than the Best Of shows from O+A, Ron+Fez, Don+Mike
and Gold. By the way, 102.7FM now also calls itself the 
The Hot Talk 102.7 -- New York'.

Karmazin is a shrewd business guy. He knows if he lets Stern walk,
Clear Channel will sign him in a heartbeat and there's no way Mel
would allow that to happen while he's still the boss at Viacom.
Stern on Q104.3FM in NYC on Jan.1, 2001?  I don't think so.


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