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No WBZ-TV News at 11 Tonight

WBZ-TV Channel 4 is blowing off tonight's 11PM news to present a half hour 
locally produced special that will take an in depth look at the
Presidential election situation and the recount battle in Florida. They
were promoting this during their 5 and 5:30 newscasts this afternoon.There
was also a mention in the TV/Arts section of today's Boston Herald. The
Herald report indicated that WBZ-TV will have a brief news/sports/weather
update at 11:30 leading into the David Letterman Show.

Well at least for tonight WBZ-TV's 11PM news won't come in 3rd in the
ratings!  But will this special beat 5 and 7's newscasts in the ratings?
And why are they airing this special at such a late hour? So as not to
deprive Entertainment Tonight's fans of their nightly dose of gossip!! <g>

Mark Watson