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Re: Radio Disney (Was Re: well it's the thought that counts)

Mark Lemay wrote some great and accurate things about Radio Disney.  wonder 
if there's a conspiracy/coincidence with the email address "mmkc" (mickey 
mouse klub club???) ;-)
    i'm also the parent of kids.  3 of 'em.  the 16 year can now jump in the 
car and drive and listen to whatever she wants.  usually, so long as it 
starts with "N" and ends with "Sync", (pronounced "Niz-nick"?), she's happy.  
but i cringe when i try to let the other two listen to the CHR stations up 
here in Maine in the morning on the way to school.  out of a Britney or 
"Niznick" tune comes the morning topic of the day:  multiple orgasms... real 
or myth.   seriously.  it's gotten to the point where our children are 
exposed to things that reach beyond that which they should be expected to 
worry about at 12 or 7 or younger.  (church pulpit topics have even crossed 
the line, but that's for the "Priest-Almost-Blushing-dot-org" newsgroup).
    i wish Radio Disney had an outlet up here in the great frozen tundra 
region of America.  yes, we are a "Disney" household.  my wife and i bought 
into the "Mouse" long ago and are in no hurry to rush to a 12 step program.  
so what if Radio Disney works in more than a few "Disney" mentions per 
second.  it's their product.  and it doesn't leave your 7 year old asking why 
the morning radio lady is calling some guy a "scumbag"...and what is a 
scumbag, daddy? while "Niznick's" new song starts up.  of late, it's been 
easy to sing along with "Bye Bye Bye" while i push the button to something 
wholesome.  like Imus.

- -Chuck Igo