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Re: Radio Disney (Was Re: well it's the thought that counts)

As a parent of two "youngins" - Radio Disney is both a blessing and a
nightmare.  If your idea of a good time is listening to Britney Spears once
an hour...then Radio Disney is great.  If your idea of torture is listening
to Britney Spears once an hour...then Radio Disney is not for you.

I happen to fall into both groups - sort of...

The production quality is great...coming out of Dallas(?) it very well
should be...and most of all...it keeps the kiddos happy.  Plus - they also
work in the "happy" oldies...such as Shout by the Isley Brothers, Do You
Love Me, and other feel-good tunes that both kids and adults
enjoy...but...primary music is for the "younger generation".  Also, you will
catch more than a spattering of music from Disney movies...too long to list

Further...something ratings books don't show...here's a sign of the success
of Radio Disney (at least in Boston): To get the Radio Disney van/ice cream
truck to your community events...ie: local fair, etc. there is waiting list
of over a year.  When the Radio Disney van is at an event - all heck breaks
loose due to the insane giveaways and contests that they put on.

I think Big Ears is big enough to continue plugging along with this "loser"
simply because in the long run, Radio Disney is a promo winner for the
bigger organization - Disney itself.

Marc Lemay