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Re: well it's the thought that counts

>Sptseditor wrote:
>Does 880 have that much of a superior signal to WINS? At least the WCBS calls
>will continue to live on the FM side.

        That would be a real big YES. Especially at night, WINS gets
interference much closer to NY. Its signal toward central-southern NJ seems
to be weak day and night. In most markets, you'd probably say they both
have good enough signals, but the NY market spreads out over a very large
piece of ground. The basic area of suburbs where people are oriented toward
the city goes out 50 or 60 miles or more, and the ratings cover it.
        So, does this WCBS rumor really have legs? I know WINS has better
ratings, but the billings are huge for both and if you look past the raw
numbers, WCBS has great demographics and, at least as I've always
understood it, a bigger suburban audience vs. WINS is the Manhattan
cab-driver station -- bigger audience in the boroughs.
        Also, WINS just went to huge trouble and expense to make a
relatively mild improvement in its signal with a new pattern and I thought
that indicated a commitment to the format on 1010, although I suppose that
one doesn't necessarily follow from the other.