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RE: Even more format changes...

There seems to be a sudden explosion of "80s" stations in different parts of
the nation the past few weeks. What gives? Locally for me (Jacksonville, FL)
it was WMXQ 102.9 that flipped from A/C Mix 103 to The Point 102.9... Sounds
good, I can't knock it, but still I was curious as to what started this
That station BTW is part of the six-station COX cluster here in Jax.
Ron Gitschier
At Sea

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> Subject:	Even more format changes...
> The format wheel spins some more.  This time in Rochester, NY. Entercom's 
> WBBF (98.9 FM) has flipped from oldies to an all 80s known as 98.9 The
> Buzz. 
>                                      Matt Osborne
>                                      Rochester, NY
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