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Re: WBTN (AM) stunting for new format

>think WBTN runs 500W-D/60W-N ND--and I'm guessing at the
>night power)

No, WBTN runs 1kw day/night ND

Answering an earlier poster:

>for format--I'm not familiar enough with what (if any) holes exist.   >Does 
>VPR own WBTN or are they LMAing?

Umm...there is a big hole: a local COMMERCIAL voice in Bennington (outside 
some morning news updates, WZEC is all automated). And yes, VPR did own WBTN 
(AM), but ended up selling it (under much pressure from the state senate, 
which threatened to cut funding to VPR if they didn't sell either WBTN 
signal due to there being NO local broadcast media with the sale).

Also, could the breakup of 1370 and 94.3 lead to new calls coming to 
WBTN-FM? I assume that the deal to buy 1370 came with the calls, and it 
would make little sense for the AM to share calls with its former sister.

Jason Bereza
Northeast Radio Guide: http://www.radio-info.com/northeast/main.htm

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