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That's good-- glad they're increasing their power.
Have heard them before on previous trips to
100 watts FM in a hilly area doesn't go far, so the
increase will be a plus for an area without many
college stations (as it is, WRUV at UVM and WWPV
from St. Michael's don't cover too much beyond
Burlington...Castleton State has a station too,
but that's also a weak signal.) Vermont Public Radio
is nice to have, but it's good to have college
stations, too.

A few months ago, heard some low-power action in
Burlington and Middlebury (forget exact freqs.;
90.9? 89.3?). It was satellite religion geared to
younger audiences, and you could tell it was satellite
when the DJ talked to a contest winner and the winner
had a Southern accent-- "probably _not_ local!", 
I thought, and wished there could be more local
non-comms in Burlington and elsewhere.

Didn't WRMC used to be at 91.5 or 91.7 years ago?
Think they switched frequencies and that there's
now a 91.7 (religious?) in Bristol, VT now.

--- Bill O'Neill <billo@shoreham.net> wrote:
> Just read in this AM's Rutland (Vt.) Herald that
> WRMC (91.1 MHz,
> Middlebury College) is slated to go from 100 watts
> to 2.9 kW on (I
> think) 11/12 at 10:30 a.m.  They expect the
> footprint to cover a great
> deal of Addison Cty. and into Rutland Cty as well as
> northward into
> the Burlington area.  

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