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Re: For more on WCLV sale....

Speaking of people with "the same name", WCLV's
Robert Conrad is _not_ the same guy who was in
"Wild Wild West". :)

And speaking of bulletin boards, I remember when 
WEGQ ("Eagle 93.7") switched to WQSX ("Star 93.7").
For day or two you could see posts from disappointed
70s/80s rock fans on Eagle 93.7's site before the
board and site disappeared.

--- lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:
> The website of WCLV-FM, Cleveland (www.wclv.com)
> has a bulletin board, and people who are just
> now hearing about their flip to 104.9 and 1420 AM
> are posting to it.  There are replies from Robert
> Conrad and Dennis Miller.   If you find the messages
> from Dennis Miller incomprehensible, 
> www.encyclopediabrittanica.com has a  Dennis Miller
> translation site.
> Oh...that's a DIFFERENT Dennis Miller?
> Never mind!
> Laurence from Methuen
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