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Fw: FCC Web Site

You've got one week to make your comments!


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From: R J Carpenter <rcarpen@erols.com>
To: Strassberg, Dan <dan.strassberg@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Friday, November 03, 2000 9:29 PM
Subject: FCC Web Site 

>I found this on the ARRL's national amateur radio weekly news bulletin
>... please pass it on since time is short.  
>Bob C.
>* FCC seeks Web site comments: The FCC says it's evaluating its Web site
>(http://www.fcc.gov/) in an effort to make it easier and faster for
>users to
>retrieve information. In particular, the FCC says it wants to find out
>the public expects from the agency's Web site and whether the site is
>meeting those expectations." The FCC invites interested parties who use
>Web site to submit comments--including suggestions for improvements that
>would make retrieval of information faster and easier. The FCC says its
>evaluation will not address any of its electronic filing systems but
>the FCC Web site proper and its associated Web pages. The FCC would like
>hear comments on--among other things--usability, navigability, format,
>content, interactivity and ease of contacting the Commission. Comments
>due by November 10 to webeval@fcc.gov.--FCC