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Re: Maine TV station breaks Bush drunk driving story

> The funny thing is that I heard the story this afternoon at law
school in
> Portland, long before the story was in the media.  Apparently the
rumor was
> flying around Portland today, at least in the legal community,
before it
> became public.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

This evening listening to Carr on the VT affil. WVMT (620 Burlington)
in the 5p hr., he got a call from a media guy with the Cambridge Pol.
(Carr recognized him.)  The guy said that "years ago" he'd gotten a
call from a media outlet looking for info on candidate arrests (they
refuse to give that stuff out.) He tells Carr that the media caller
offered that Bush had a DUI arrest record in Maine (and did he have
any in MA?)  So, when this "story" finally "broke" (pull-eze) the guy
was rocked back to recall that event quite clearly.  This is really a
sad story about timing.  (And yes, Mr. Igo, no one has better tim...
ming than Steve Martin.)

Bill O'Neill