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Re: Maine TV station breaks Bush drunk driving story

If no agreement
> of confidentially was involved, keeping the information from the
public was
> improper.  Either way, she needs to retake Journalism 101.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

I'm just sitting here envisioning Gore doing bong hits, driving four
to a motorcycle, perhaps unrelatedly.  (Gore invented bong hits.)  I'm
also envisioning Gore punching out of 'Nam with the intent to study
the ministry as soon as it was clear that his 'service' was done as
daddy lost the election back home in TN.  Where have been these
perspectives/stories as they relate to character? Right where they
belong - in perspective and out of the "Breaking News" chyrons.

The Rutland Herald had this story where it belonged this morning,
somewhere in Section B.  Listening to WABC NY in the 6p hour this
evening, even callers were getting tired of the story 24 hrs. in.
Imus this AM, Carr this aft., both filing the story under 'pull-eze'.