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Re: Maine TV and Bush story

Keeping the political overtones out of this thread but focusing on the
"massmedia" side of this....

> By the way the lawyer who broke the story is Tom
> Connelly, who ran for Governor in 1998.  He admits it, but denies any >
political overtones.

My guess is someone had this information a long time ago...and kept it in
his hip pocket for just such an occaision....(i.e..5 days before an election
and a tight race) to let it *splat* Thursday for maximum impact/effect.
(Note it didn't come out on Friday...theday to let out harmful info to the
press if you want it burried.

Sometimes these stories give the media an excuse to run with all sorts of
other information...unreliable or not...   We'll see if they come up with
questionable "drinking buddies" and put them on prime-time.

We'll see if the opposing politcal party comes up with a second story of
questionable origins...just to max out the TV time...and put more doubt in
peoples minds days before the election.

Regardless of the  politcal leanings in this case...such an event gives the
talking heads more gumption/audacity to say outrageous things without having
fore or afterthought.  (After all, it'll all be over in 5 days!) (Last night
I think it was Paul Begala(sp?) on msnbc who was told by an on-camera guest
to "just shut up!".)