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One More Steve Allen-ism

The Tonight Show had Suave Shampoo on as a sponsor with a little
jingle tag...."use Suave, use Suave" and of course, Steve Allen
had to do something with that while he sat at the piano when they
came back from the commercial break - so he played that jingle tune
and sang  "use Suave you slob, use Suave you slob" for big laughs.

Is Louis Nye ("Heigh-ho, Steverino")  still around?  Also, would
anyone on the list have the Steve Allen "Funny Fone Calls" LP?
It was an aircheck of his making phonecalls to numbers he
obtained from audience members during the TV show.  Would
love to have a cassette of it - perhaps trade for something I have?
Thanks.  Russ Butler  oldradio@earthlink.net