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Re: Steve Allen has died

An edition of the long-running freeform/montage show
"Over The Edge" on KPFA in Berkeley, CA paid tribute
to Frank Zappa, and one of the things it aired was
young Mr. Zappa's appearance on Allen's show in 1960
or so, "playing the bicycle". Allen kept pronouncing
the young composer's last name as "Mr. Zoppa" (though
Frank didn't correct him) and was cracking some jokes
and taking part in Zappa's musical experiment. Was
fun to hear. Maybe Allen sensed a bit of his own
offbeat humor in the future Mother of Invention.

--- Bill O'Neill <billo@shoreham.net> wrote:

> I still laugh at recalling him in a mock newscast
> full of frenetic
> energy when he reaches behind him and says, "Time
> for a recap" and
> holds up an old car tire while he honks a bicycle
> horn with the other
> and laughed hysterically.  So did everybody else.

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