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Re: Steve Allen has died

On 1 Nov 2000,  Bill O'Neill wrote:

> As I chime in, again, on Steve Allen, I am curious just how much
> credit the history books will give him for making "funny" by joining
> the inventions of Marconi and Bell.  And you have to give credit to
> the courage it must have taken for him to part ways with concepts when
> he was on top versus the back nine to the dog track.

The story in today's Globe says that he looked like Clark Kent.  I 
remember the first time I saw him on television actually thinking that he 
was George Reeves!

I have a video of him appearing as a guest on the Milton Berle show, 
around 1953 or thereabouts.  At that time, he apparently was doing a late-
night show in New York that seems to have been the forerunner of the 
Tonight show.

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