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Re: CONtrol of ELectronic RADiation

Hello Folks:
Sorry for not responding over the long weekend (FRI to TUES). I was in 
Bermuda with Joan for a little R&R.
My Zenith with Eveready A & B batteries can't be found! (Did Joan toss it?) 
Everyone is correct except for the "use only in emergencies." Those 
portables were sold in the 50's with beach-use in mind. The handle 
contained the ferrite loop antenna that increased its gain when you grabbed it.
The 1.5V "A" battery was a parallelepiped (in Zenith's case) supplying both 
"heater"(filament) voltage and (grid bias I suppose) to the (usually) five 
vacuum tube complement (in parallel). The "B" battery I believe was 45V. 
(The term B+ as was pointed out is still used today as (usually) the 
Collector(Drain) Voltage (today) or Plate Voltage (back then). [Of course 
with Integrated Circuits it is difficult to be privy to the active 
semiconductor junction layout!] Cathodes were usually tied to one side of 
the filament. However, low noise requirements (with 60 cycles per second 
(=Hz) AC voltage filaments) in vacuum-tube amplifiers necessitated separate 
cathode & heater(filament) connections to suppress the 60 cps. hum.)
Takin' it Easy99.1,
Bill Piacentini
As we close the 20th Century A.D. with one last year (2000) let me join 
with my favorite radio station locally-owned WPLM-FM 99.1 with perhaps the 
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