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Re: Imus v. Stern?

>Imus seems to command alot of cash to carry the show...  maybe they hired
>a $10 an hour disc jockey to take that slot...

Actually, KLUV (AM), which now is KJOI, has been sold to Radio One as part 
of the divestures necessary to allow the FCC to approve the CBS/Viacom 
merger. It was taken off in part because of said change and the format flip 
attached to it (latest news is either black talk or urban gold like what 
WILD is doing.)

As for Stern, one wrinkle of the contract negoiations is that Infinity will 
add him in Dallas to FM talker KYNG (whose future is make-or-break based on 
his signing.) If he stays, he WILL be added there (of course, they're also 
trying to make him allow the move of his show in New York from 
pseudo-Active/Modern Rock WXRK to talk WNEW-FM, a move the set-in-his-ways 
aging man may not want to do.)

Jason Bereza
Northeast Radio Board: http://www.radio-info.com/northeast
...3 days...

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