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Re: ratings

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000 12:36:19 -0400 "Don MacMillan"
<DMacMillan@mailandnews.com> writes:
> > > WKLB also has the longest Time Spent Listening of any FM.   What
will be the implications there? 

> I think it says more about the constituancy of these 
> stations....that they  are one-dimensional...and only like one kind of
music.  (!)  That 
> there's nothing else that interests them on the dial....
I beg to differ,  I consider myself an average radio listener.  I don't
get into the car and drive around looking for new signals to listen to
and I don't put up with signals that come in and out when I'm driving
(driving is usually when I listen to the radio).  I tune around when I
get sick of listening to the same ol same ol that programmers insist on
trying to convince us we like.  While I do not consider myself a country
music fan I do on occasion listen and generally like what I hear.


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