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Re: Rock & Roll movie....?

...and hope you had a chance to watch and/or tape
American Movie Classics' "American Pop" last night,
which showed the mid-60s classic "The Big TNT Show"
(Bo Diddley, Joan Baez, Donovan, others) last night
(including a set-your-VCR 4 am showing for those who
like me were watching the World Series during the
10 pm showing (damn Yankees!). A who's who of
pop acts that were on the radio in the 60s and who
stood the test of time...

--- Donald MacMillan <DMacMillan@MailAndNews.com>
> Judging by the personalities, interests and ages of
> the list....I thought you 
> would all enjoy the movie "Almost Famous" that is
> out right now.
> Saw it this weekend...and LOVED it.

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