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Re: 1510 at night?

>Kevin Vahey wrote:
>Been down in Queens for the past 2 weeks working and I am a little
>surprised at how strong One on One Sports at 1510 is booming in at night
>on a regular basis, much stronger than WTOP next door.
>Somehow I'm surprised the pattern is like that, have I missed something?

        I don't think that's abnormal for them. I'm basically on the same
line as Boston to Queens, but closer to Boston in Conn. WNRB sometimes
comes in very strong at night, although I wouldn't say stronger than WTOP,
which really pounds in here, to the point of interfering with the
WFIF/1500/Milford, Conn., signal, about 15 miles from me, before it signs
off. But I digress.

        A couple years ago I noticed how strong WNRB was and listened to
see if it was changing pattern properly, and I heard it being done OK, at
least at that time. The night pattern doesn't sound like it immediately
reduces the signal all that much here. Later at night there's more junk on
it, but it usually varies during an evening from pretty strong to fading to
pretty rough. Only very rarely can I get WLAC at all. WLAC has a null
toward Boston, so, IMO, it's a case of the channel being relatively clear
and, especially at the high end of the dial, even though WNRB isn't putting
that much signal in this direction, it's enough. There are nights here when
WNRB puts in a stronger signal at least at its peaks than WBZ. I'm sort of
in WBZ's dead zone -- 25 miles too far away for the groundwave and 50 miles
too close for the skywave.