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Re: TV guide (was VT Markets...)

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000 19:26:50 -0400 Dan Cole wrote:

>By the way, did anyone take note of Clear Channel's purchase of
>several radio stations in and around Lebanon, NH.  Sorry I don't have
>the details, but I understand four stations were involved at a
>selling price of 11-million.

    So much for the article I saw somewhere in the last week where Lowry 
Mays was interviewed and he said that the massive buying spree Clear Channel 
has been on since the AMFM merger is now over.  Oh man now I can't remember 
where the heck I saw it, now this is gonna kill me!!  I believe it was on a 
radio info website because I know you had to be a subscriber to get the full 
story but it did show that as a headline.  Has anyone else on this list seen 
such an article, or is my head playing games with me again?  And if so, what 
does that say about things?
                                    Matt Osborne
                                    Rochester, NY
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