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Re: City seeks tapes of Parkin interview about Police Department

From: Dan C. <dwcole@mediaone.net>
> I don't know.  If we are a division then where's my badge?

Am I the only one who read this and reverted to, "Badges? We don't
need no stinkin' BADGES!"  (Thank you 'Blazing Saddles.')  Couldn't
resist whipping that one out.

On the topic, the scenerio Dave Faneuf referenced in his post was one
that made too few people enraged for my money.  Broadcast material
that is recorded/logged is something that could be done by law
enforcement officials.  Right?  Couldn't a local police dept. run a
slow-logger on a half dozen channels and bring it forward as evidence
down the road?  Sounds either wrong or too easy.

Bill O'Neill