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Re: any Cars fans on the list?

This is the first time that I have actually replied to anybody on the list
but I do greatly enjoy reading the discussions being held here.  I, too am a
big Cars fan as just last week I bought the debut album of the Cars on CD as
a deluxe edition with a second CD featuring the demo's that got the band
it's recording contract with Electra records in the first place.  To think
that for a while around 1983-84, you couldn't find a hotter rock band in the
country than the Cars.  Talk about a Boston band that I don't think ever got
it's due because the video's overshadowed how good they really were as a
band.  The only thing about them that still puzzles me about them till this
day is whatever did Paulina Porizkova ever saw in Ric Ocasek, but that's
another story.  For me, my two favorite Cars songs were " Moving In Stereo "
and " All Mixed Up ", both songs that Ben Orr sang.  Anyway in the Boston
rock community, he will be missed

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> I just read that Benjamin Orr, who sang and played bass for the Cars,
> passed away after a battle with cancer.  He was only 53.