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Re: Re: when news breaks, we ignore it?

ASchinella@aol.com wrote:
> Nader is on 44 state ballots; Buchanan, I believe it on 47. Browne and 
Hagelin are both on 50 states. 
Interesting concept on the "National Non-Partisan Primary" - I would have to 
look into a bit more before I could comment though. 

John Hagelin is NOT on the Ballot here in NH. Besides the "Big 2", we have Harry Browne (the Libertarians got over 10K signatures, and have a slate of about 25 including both Congressional Districts, the Governor, 3 State Senators and others), Ralph Nader (Green), Pat Buchanan (On in NH as "Independence",not reform), and Howard Phillips (Constitution Party). 

This info is per State of NH website at www.state.nh.us/sos

-Paul Hopfgarten
NOT a candidate for President (this time)
Derry NH