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Re: WHDH drops playoffs

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000 10:45:49 -0400 Larry Weil <kc1ih@mediaone.net>
>Dave Faneuf wrote

> >Even though NBC will broadcast the AL playoffs, I'm sure they will 
> be
> >taking the pool feed into master control and could distribute it 
> from
> >there to channel 68.  

Larry wrote:
> Maybe they'll take it into ENG (Electronic News Gathering), but this 
> would have nothing to do with Master Control.  Master at Channel 7 
> is 
> concerned with the on-air program only, all news feeds go through 
> ENG, program feeds are recorded in VTR (Video Tape Room).
> I know that in some smaller stations these functions are combined, 
> but in the big city they are clearly separate functions.

I did not mean that the pool feed would go to WHDH Master Control, but I
would assume it would go to the Master Control booth (or whatever) at NBC
for distribution  to affiliates.  I am assuming that TV Networks work in
much the same way as radio,  ABC and CBS  radio are the two I am familiar
with, they have several different Satellite channels they feed programs
and live events on, so while Top of the Hour news is on the air on some
affiliates, others can be running complete coverage of events such as the
debate if they so choose.    So my assumption is that while NBC-TV is
feeding the ballgame on the network live, they would have access to the
debate pool feed to be sent down the line to affiliates for their news
departments to use and at that is where WHDH would pick up the feed
probably in the way you outlined above.

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