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Re: An ad that seems familiar

As a matter, a bunch of Infinity's classic rockers
are using the same spot around the country as we speak. I guess the Boston station is among them. It must a group package that they got for the fall season.

Anyhow, with all that talk about Viacom/Infinity in recent days, here's a radio story out of Philly. With Stern still unsigned, unfocused(due to a divorce) and unhappy, with Mel divorcing, with Summner divorcing, looks Viacom lawyers will be working overtime this holiday season...:) :)



On Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:00:49  
 Chuckigo wrote:
>Bob wrote:
>>>is a remarkable radio station."  Sound familiar? <<
>up in Maine, WBLM ran the same campaign in the 80's.
>  (they actually had the morning team to back it up, too...
>    Mark Matzell and Mark Persky... re-Mark-able radio)
>- -Chuck Igo

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