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Buffalo's NBC affiliate is finally entering the late 90s with its own
Web presence.  WGRZ (Channel 2) is now available, streaming video and
all, at <www.wgrz.com>.

And we hear Jamestown's WWSE (93.3) is shedding its longtime "SE93"
nickname in favor of the inoffensively generic "Mix 93-3."

One correction: We're told Buffalo's Fox affiliate is *not* the
largest in the country without local news.  For that, you'd have to
visit the Twin Cities in Minnesota, where WFTC (29 Minneapolis)
appears to hold that distinction.

*Just outside the region, two format changes to report in the Poconos,
as Nassau Broadcasting flips WHCY (106.3 Blairstown NJ) from country
to modern top-40 as "Max 106.3," while shifting WSBG (93.5 Stroudsburg
PA) from AC to "rocking hits," whatever that might be.

And following up on this past week's travelogue, we're told
Philadelphia Pax affiliate WPPX (Channel 61 Wilmington DE) is now
rebroadcasting the 6 and 11 PM newscasts of NBC O&O WCAU (Channel 10),
at 6:30 and 11:30 weeknights.  

*That's it for another week, and it'll have to hold you for two weeks,
since we're off for another round of radio travels.  We're heading to
the National Radio Club convention in Lima, Ohio, which means no NERW
September 4.  We'll be back the 11th with all the fun details...see
you then!

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