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1580 WONZ (Hammonton) - part // WOND 1400, part // WGYM 1490, some

And after all that, we still missed a handful of transmitters:

89.1 WWCJ (Cape May) - Mercer County Comm. Coll. public radio // WWFM 
89.7 WNJN (Atlantic City) - NJN Public Radio
89.9 WJPH (wherever) - religious (didn't hear this on the air!)
91.3 WRTQ (Ocean City) - classical, jazz // WRTI Philadelphia
91.7 WLFR (Pomona) - dead air! (a college station during the year)
97.3 WBSS (Millville) - talk, oldies // WKXW Trenton
104.9 WEMG (Egg Harbor City) - Spanish // WEMG 900 Philadelphia

Oh well, we can use a return trip one of these days!  (For much, much
more on the Atlantic City market, check out Chris Coleman's pages at
<http://www.phillyradio.com>.  Our thanks to Chris for his help with
transmitter locations, as well as for some interesting listening late
Saturday night on WVLT's "Phillyradio.com Radio Radio Show"!)

We turned off the Atlantic City Expressway after Hammonton to remain
on US 30 towards Berlin, in order to see two final sites on this
trip.  Near the community of "Waterford Works," we braved the rain on
Arrowhead Road for the New Jersey Network's Camden-area tower,
carrying WNJS-TV (23 Camden) and WNJS (88.1 Berlin), and then headed
just a few hundred feet north for the tower of USA Broadcasting's WHSP
(Channel 65 Vineland), which is now running home shopping but will
presumably someday be "Cheesesteak TV" or something similar as a
"WHUB" style indy.

And from there, it was back through Philadelphia, up the Turnpike
Northeast Extension, and home!

Next on the travel agenda: the National Radio Club's 2000 convention
in beautiful Lima, Ohio, by way of Pittsburgh, Wheeling, and
Columbus.  Stay tuned...

*We'll be back with all this week's news later this weekend!

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